TOOLKIT: An Advocate’s Guide to Income Tax Reform

Thursday, June 29th 2017


Senate Bill 30 has put an end to the most disastrous parts of the Brownback tax experiment and is a crucial first step on Kansas’ road to financial recovery. Here’s why SB 30 is such an important victory for Kansas:



Fiscal Fix




Revenue Adequacy





TargetSmart Poll (March 2017)

The governor and his signature tax plan remain incredibly unpopular. In the absence of any specific information, 67 percent of Kansas voters oppose the changes Brownback made to Kansas tax policy in 2012 (51 percent strongly oppose), while just 20 percent favor them

Roughly 7-in-10 voters believe these changes have harmed the state’s economy (73 percent) and middle class (70 percent), while 6-in-10 believe they have helped the wealthy (60 percent).

When asked about specific forward-looking revenue proposals, majorities support closing loopholes that exempt businesses from paying income taxes (55 percent favor) and creating a new top income tax rate for the highest income earners in Kansas (56 percent favor).

Kansas voters are broadly supportive of the legislature’s recent efforts to roll back most of the governor’s changes to tax policy in order to fund schools and avoid deeper budget cuts (64 percent favor, just 27 percent oppose). Again, even registered Republicans are majority supportive (56 percent) of rolling back Brownback’s changes to tax policy.

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