In 2012, Governor Sam Brownback launched a tax experiment that devastated Kansans in all walks of life. It resulted in nine rounds of budget cuts, three statewide credit rating downgrades, record-high debt, and anemic job growth.

Rise Up, Kansas is a coalition of organizations and advocates who are committed to repairing the state tax code, so that every community can thrive… together. On June 6, 2017, lawmakers took a monumental step forward and committed to fixing the problem caused by Governor Brownback’s 2012 tax plan. With bipartisan support, the Kansas Legislature passed comprehensive tax reform, overrode the Governor’s veto, and put the state on the path to fiscal recovery.

Every Kansan deserves the opportunity to realize the great promise of this state. After five years of crisis, however, the road forward has just begun. There will be many more steps before Kansas can fully recover, but we’re on our way.

To the nation, we’ve been a model of what not to do. Now we will show them the comeback.

Please join us.